Day 4: Beer at 2000m
Our final day in Austria, sadly, and so we headed for the train station.  2 hours later, we were pulling into Zell am See, and trying to work out how to get to the only cable car that went to the *top* of the mountain nearest us.  Finally found a map, and 2km  up the hill later we sighed with relief at the sight of the cablecar station.  A sardine-like ride to the top with all the skiers/snowboarders and we emerged to an incredible panorama view.  So, we stopped for (late) lunch, surrounded by 3000m+ peaks (ours was only just over 2000, but we still had a superb view).  After we’d eaten we wandered up to the top-level bar and watched the skiers and snowboarders head off down the slope from the chairlift, a lot of the snowboarders going over the jumps that had been set up just off the slope.  There was the cutest little church up there, too.  We sat and watched and sang along to the music for a while, and then headed back to the cablecars.
Down the hill again and we walked back into the town.  All the way down the hill and down to the lake to enjoy the view there, surrounded by mountains, we pottered for a bit, stopped to say hello to the ducks and giggle at the frozen over swimming pool (though we didn’t dare try the waterslide) before heading back to the station for a train back up to Salzburg.  
A quiet evening with the TV, packing and relaxing before tomorrow’s earlyish start for the airport.  End of a brilliant holiday in Austria :)
Saturday, 10 February 2007